Practical Test Waiting Times

Practical Test Waiting Times- A Disgrace

The practical test waiting times have hit an all time high, with some town’s waiting lists at 18 weeks long. The DVSA blame the test waiting times on two factors; an increased number of provisional licence applications and a higher than average amount of examiners retiring from the industry.

The DVSA has hit an all time high with test waiting times, with some road safety partnerships calling it a disgrace to the industry. Learner drivers up and down the country are being forced to wait up to 18 weeks to get a practical driving test appointment. Milton Keynes being one of them.

The DVSA claim that they are trying to combat the problem but have highlighted the problem partly due to the economic recovery since the recession. As part of their business review- late 2014, the DVSA predicted an increased surge in practical test applications and set about a nationwide search to find replacement examiners for the many roles that had been abandoned by retiring examiners, and new examiners to fill the surge of applications that were forwardly predicted.


Milton Keynes Waits 18 Weeks For Practical Test Appointment


Their nationwide advertisement of driving examiner posts attracted 2,500 applications. However- since then, only a fraction of this number have gone on to become qualified examiners. There are 6 points to the application process, with potential examiners having to pass each stage before commencing through the fulfilment process. The six stages include: a situational judgement test, an assessment drive or ride, a behavioural assessment event, a 5-7 week training course, and a 9 month probation period. A new recruit must successfully pass each phase before being awarded the contracted examiners job. You can read the full article by Despatch here.

The LPOD Academy firmly believes in the importance of being able to get hold of a practical test date when we are sure our learners are ready. We are fortunate enough to be able to provide short notice test times to our candidates through a variety of means. This means no more long practical test waiting times. Our partnerships work around the clock to be able to bring you the learner driver important dates that help with your learner driver education programme.

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