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Intensive Driving Courses Northampton

Our intensive driving courses Northampton are delivered over 1-9 days. You can choose a course that ranges from 5 hours, to 45 hours, dependent on your circumstances. All of our intensive driving courses are delivered by fully qualified driving instructors throughout Northampton. Our intensive driving courses Northampton programme delivers a comprehensive training schedule that caters for all of our learner drivers needs.
Our training zone driving lessons, gives our learner drivers the edge when it comes to learning to drive. Not only will they have access to all of our training lessons online, they will be able to download our ‘free’ learner trainer manual, which will help them on their driving lessons. We also have an email campaign, so be sure to sign-up to our newsletter and driving test tips to be in-undated with news, infomation and advice.

To book your course online please visit our courses page, if you would like to get in contact with us please visit our contact page, and if you would like to call us; give us a call on 07487 735733.



When it comes to learning to drive in Northampton, our driving school in Northampton offers our learners so much more than our competitors. Why should you choose us? We pride ourselves on delivering first class tuition to our learner drivers, and believe that our quality isn't compromised, nor matched - by any other driving school in Northampton!
Our driving lessons in Northampton are delivered via a comprehensive training programme. Our online training zone helps our learner drivers to achieve better results when out on the road. Our courses cover: theory training, basic driving skills, intermediate driving lessons, advanced driving lessons, pass your test first time and pass plus courses.
Generally; intensive driving courses are slighly more per hour. This is because you are hiring a driving instructor for the day. Due to cancellations, the instructors time is more valuable due this occurance. However; our prices are fair, and on-average a lot cheaper then our rival competitors. The most expensive charging nearly £40 per hour! So, as you can see, our prices can be found on our courses section of the website. Be sure to check them out!

Intensive Driving School Northampton

intensive driving courses northampton

Our intensive driving school Northampton offers a premium service without the extra proce tag! Our intensive driving school in Northampton prides itself on quality. We have a selection of training videos and articles that will help you on your on-road driving lessons. We have spent hours creating so much content for our customers – and to be fair, we are really proud of what we are achieving! Our intensive driving school Northampton is different! Be sure to check out our website to find some fantastic gems, that will help prepare you for life on the road after your driving test.

For more information on taking your driving test in Northampton, please visit here. If you would like to get details of the driving test centre details, please visit here.

Intensive Driving Lessons Northampton

intensive driving courses northampton

Our intensive driving lessons Northampton are fun, enjoyable, rewarding and of course intense! Most of our courses will be delivered over a five hour day. Don’t panic – we shall also provide plenty of rest breaks and stop for lunch! Our longer courses, can of course commence over 5-6 days if the learner chooses, obviously we want to make sure our learner’s needs are taken care off. Your driving instructor in Northampton will give you a training schedule before you start your intensive driving lessons in Northampton. This will help prepare you for your intensive driving course Northampton. Which, in turn, means more time on the road driving – gaining that all important road experience.
You will also have plenty of opportunity to drive out of town to other places such as: Kettering, Bedford and Banbury.